Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cousins reunite!

We had a fabulous weekend with Aunt Samantha, Uncle Jeff and Cousins Jake, Evan and Zach! They came from Chicago to visit on Friday night and it was so great being together again (the first time since Thanksgiving!) The best part was seeing the boys together. My nephews are THE GREATEST kids ever. They are so sweet, smart, fun, etc... Steven & I (and Adam) just adore them! They are so great with Adam... always have been. From the moment the boys met Adam 3 years ago, this month (Adam was only 4.5 months old!) they have been inseparable (when we get together - which isn't nearly enough!). Here are the boys together in August 2007:

Here are the boys together now (August 2010):

They are just too sweet together! Much more tomorrow from the visit! =)

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