Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Canker Sore H*&#ll

This post was supposed to be all about our awesome weekend with the cousins... but that post will come tomorrow. Right now, we're in canker sore hell. Seriously, people. Adam developed a canker sore on Monday and I've never seen him so miserable. Ever. I took him to Urg.ent Care on Monday (his ped.'s office was booked) and the Doctor saw the canker sore on his tongue. His ear was also "borderline red" and so was his throat. Doctor thinks it's just a virus... but poor little love is freakin' MISERABLE. On a side note, his blood pressure was on the high side... first it was 103/50something and then it was 97/50something... so we'll have to keep an eye on that.

Little Love hasn't eaten in 3 days now (except for some scrambled eggs I made yesterday) and will barely even drink... but Thank G-d he will... he'll drink juice and milk in the little boxes with a tiny straw on the very edge of his mouth... crying that "it hurts" every 10 seconds. He hasn't been able to sleep without waking up in serious pain every.single.hour until we bring him to our bed and then he can sleep a little. He's pretty miserable in the morning, too. This afternoon he totally lost it for over an hour. Hysterically crying... it was terrible... after he drank, though, he felt much better and was even able to throw the football around with Daddy.

Found out today that 2 kids in his class have Hand, Foot and Disease... so now I'm totally suspicious that he has that, too. He doesn't have a fever or sores on his hands or feet... but I read you don't have to have all the symptoms. I spoke to the Dr. on call tonight... she said that canker sores and H F M or both viruses... and there's nothing you can really do for either except tylenol. The Dr. on Monday also gave us a numbing ointment but Adam won't let us get near his mouth. The whole thing is so upsetting! I *hate* to see my child in so much pain. I really hope that my mom is right when she says that "it's always the worst before it gets better" and that Little Love is back to his happy (and eating) self tomorrow... for ALL of our sakes!

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Nita said...

Did you ask the Doc about the magic mouthwash stuff? I have friends that have used it and said it's awesome. You can apply it with a cotton swab if he doesn't know how to gargle.