Friday, December 4, 2009

Such a Love

Being sick this week has been rough. Fortunately, Steven & my mom were there to the rescue.... taking care of/entertaining Adam (and me). I really miss seeing Adam since I've been in bed most of the week. However, he has cried for me to tuck him in every night so I've been doing that (by breathing "away" from him and using lots of hand sanitizer!).

Our usual bedtime routine is this... Adam takes a bath, brushes his teeth, puts on his pjs, and the 3 of us read books. Then Steven usually leaves and we read "one final book" (usually Cur.ious George goes to the Chocolate Factory or Harry the Dir.ty Dog these days). After that, Adam turns off his light and I hold him in the chair and we talk. After a minute or two, he lets me know that he wants to go to his "big boy bed" so he gathers his doggies and off we go. Once he's in bed, we talk for another minute about his day and what we'll be doing the next day (when I mention "tomorrow", he usually asks me "What are we doing?"). Then I sing him 2 songs: Blessed by Elt.on John and The Circle Game by Mitchell. If I sing the wrong word (for example, I said butterfly instead of dragonfly), he immediately corrects me. After these 2 songs, he's ready to fall asleep and usually asks for "quiet" and for me to "hold his feet". I usually hold him then (doesn't have to be his feet) until he falls asleep. It's a very sweet routine. Ideally, we'd like him to go to sleep "on his own" again and have plans to start implementing that after our December CA trip. In the meantime, though, I'm making the most of these moments with him.

Tonight was especially sweet. When Adam and I were sitting in the chair talking he suddenly asked me "Why are you sick?" and I explained to him that Mama must have gotten in contact with some germs! Then, after Adam crawled up into his big boy bed, we started talking. All of a sudden, he put his little arm around my neck and pulled me close to him. These were his exact words:

"Give me a big hug! I love you, Mommy. We're going to build a snowman!"

He left me breathless... it was that sweet. Oh, about the snowman... they are predicting the first snowfall tomorrow (possible accumulation on grassy areas) so we talked about that... he was very excited about the possibility of making a snowman. Doubt that will happen tomorrow but you never know.

For now, I'm going to have sweet dreams about my precious little love.

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