Monday, December 14, 2009

Hanukkah, 1st report card, etc...

I apologize for the lull in posts these days... I have bronchitis to blame. I've been sick for 2 weeks (tomorrow) now. Crazy! First I had a fever for 5 days with mild coughing... no other symptoms, except for a headache. Then, the coughing hit... and hard. For the first time in my life, I am wheezing! So I went to the Dr's office for the 4th time today (in less than 2 weeks) and he put me on my 3rd antibiotic (to be fair, the Dr. had me stop the 1st antibiotic 3 days in). He also gave me an inhaler (first time for that) and some strong cough medicine so I can sleep at night. The ironic thing is that I feel totally *fine* except for the, um, bizarre coughing fits and wheezing. The worst is if I laugh... which leads to uncontrollable coughing. I literally had to tell Steven not to make me laugh tonight. Anyway, sorry for going on & on... guess I just needed to vent. Fortunately, Steven and Adam seem to be in the clear (knock on wood) even though Adam has a runny nose and slight cough. Anyhoo...

Hanukkah started on Friday night and we celebrated at Grandma's house. My mom makes the best latkes!!! Of course Adam loved lighting the menorah and opening his gifts. His favorite part, however, was the GELT. He is still talking about the "chocolate money"! Here are some pics (not the greatest) from Friday night:

Yep, his eyes are closed... I really had trouble getting any good pictures Friday night!
Adam loved the new doggy he received from Grammy!
"Look at my new deegy (his term of affection for his dogs), Daddy"!

In other news, Adam received his first ever progress report from his Mont.essori school. It was *intense*... approx. 40 items listed, including - kid you not - geography, science, etc. The grading scale was either C for consistently does... or I for inconsistently does... For all the "academic" areas, Adam got Consistently does... except for the area of art (seriously). Besides that, he can do quite a bit... count to 25 in English, 10 in Spanish, can recognize & name all the letters and their sounds, can recognize numbers, shapes, etc... all good stuff. However, he received Inconsistent for getting along with others and following directions! His teacher also noted that Adam does a great job completing activities himself, but she'd like him to work more with the other kids. To be honest, I was really upset about this. However, I spoke to his teacher today and it seems as if he's doing just fine, overall. Apparently, LOTS of kids got the I in "getting along with others" since 2 year olds aren't that great with sharing (shocker, right?). She said that Adam interacts/plays nicely but primarily only with the kids from his class last year (Jackson, Ryan, Olivia, etc.) and she'd like him to play with ALL the kids. Lastly, Adam likes to do some activities himself (puzzles, blocks, etc) and she would like him to do more activities with the other kids. Adam is extremely independent and likes to do *everything* himself so all of this made sense. Most kids are still in the parallel play stage until age 3 (or even 4) so it may take a while for him to want to play/share with other kids eagerly. She did mention that he seems happy at school and that she enjoys having him in class. All that being said, I do NOT feel it is appropriate to give a 2 year old a 40 item report card. Am I alone in thinking this?!?

In lighter news... Adam continues to ask the funniest "why" questions. When we were flying to Chicago and were way up in the sky, Adam pointed out the clouds and sky to me. He then mentioned that the sky was blue. Moments later he asked me "Why? Why is the sky blue?" Cracked me up!!! My reply was that "G-d created it that way"... of course Steven wanted to give him the scientific definition which even I don't know. I prefer my reply! =)

A new favorite activity... making a train and giving his animals (including a new!) for a ride

One of Adam's Hanukkah presents... I bought it used for $5... not too shabby! He especially likes to drive to "Miss Luzette's House"!


E, SS and the Little Man said...

Oh, Teo would love a little car like that to drive around the house. I must try to find one used. $5? Nice!

I am with you in thinking the report card is excessive for a two year old. Most two year olds aren't even in pre-school yet. And, pre-school is just to "prepare" them for kindergarten. They should not be expected to play and interact with every kid in the class at this age, IMO.

Happy Hannukah!

Nita said...

Sorry to hear about your bout with bronchitis but I'm glad you finally got some meds that worked. Mine lasted for 5 wks and if it weren't for the Tussionex cough syrup, I would have died.

A 40 item report card does seem a bit intense. He plays with kids his age but not ALL of the kids? Isn't he just learning to play with kids his age - let alone the entire school. It is nice to know that most of the kids are at the same stage. Kinda makes me think they should re-evaluate their scoring?

I love all the Hanukkah pics and please keep them coming. The car is perfect and at $5, score!