Thursday, December 3, 2009

More pics from Chi-Town (well, Highland Park) =)

Hard to believe that Thanksgiving was only one week ago! I've come down with a horrible virus/fever so this week has been especially long. Back to happier times (last week)...

On Black Friday, instead of hitting the shopping mall, we hit the Children's Mu.seum -- which was probably even busier than a shopping mall!!!

Most of all, Adam just loved hanging out with his family. Whenever he saw a picture of them in the house, he would yell, "THERE'S MY COUSINS!"... priceless:
Reading Harry the Dirty Dog (a new favorite!) with Evan & Zach
Hanging out with Cousin Jakey

Surfing the net with Aunt Samantha & Uncle Jeff
Bobbe & Zaide with their 4 grandsons

It was a wonderful weekend!!! =)

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