Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend (in LOTS of photos)!

We had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! The weather was great (HOT!) and it was nice having so much time together. Here are some highlights from our weekend:

On Saturday night, we went to Grandma's House for a BBQ. Grandma set up my childhood table for Adam to draw on (his new favorite thing):

Adam loves to "write"!

Drawing "happy faces" on his "new" table (which used to be mine!) on Grandma's deck before our yummy BBQ dinner

Adam loved this new mouse that Grandma bought him (years ago, before he was even born, in Prague!)

On Sunday, we drove to Baltimore to visit the Port Discovery Children's Museum. Adam had a good time exploring all the different stations:
All Aboard!

Favorite place to be: the ball pit!

Adam loved diving into the ball pit!

He's ready to surf!


Shooting a "water gun". The ball pit and the waterworks place were Adam's favorite parts of the museum. He was literally kicking & screaming when we had to leave the water guns... he loved shooting them (maybe a little too much?!? -- such a boy)!

Next up... the diner where Adam got to "cook" and "wash the dishes"

Bringing Mama & Daddy a croissant... my favorite!

Counting his money... they learn quick! :o)
Building a house with Daddy

Purchasing gas at the convenience store/gas station

Fill'er Up!

Since Cousins Paul & Jenn only live 30 minutes away from the museum, we stopped by their house for dinner. Of course, Adam loved playing with Cousin Claire! We also got to see Uncle Morty & Aunt Elaine which was a special treat.
Eating dinner with Cousin Claire (more Adam & Claire pics in the last blog post). It was impossible to get a decent pic of both kids!

All weekend, Steven has been waiting to take Adam to the SWIMMING POOL! We finally got to go this morning. Adam loved swimming so I'm sure we will be visiting the pool lots & lots this summer!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! Special Shout-Out to Mom who won the neighborhood tennis tournament today! You Go, Grandma!!! :o)

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E, SS and the Little Man said...

I love Childrens' Museums. They are so much fun!!