Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kissin' Cousins

We had a great time in Baltimore today at the Children's Museum. Afterwards, we went over to Cousin Claire's house for dinner. It was wonderful seeing Cousin Claire, Cousins Paul & Jenn, Uncle Morty, Aunt Elaine and Claire's Ma-Ma (Great GrandMother). What a treat seeing everyone!

Adam and Claire had an especially good time together. Adam just kept laying the kisses on her...

Adam, reaching in for the smooch
If possible, click for an up-close view of this pic. I love their expressions here!

They were beyond cute together and played so nicely!

More pics from our Baltimore trip tomorrow. Hope everyone is enjoying the Memorial Day Weekend. We're headed to the pool in the morning! :o)

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Bird said...

I definitely want ot get Charlie a water table this summer--he loves the water.

Alas, he has no cousins to share it with. Probably for the best--he's not the best sharer.