Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday -- LOVE (in photos)

Adam has always been a very sweet & affectionate child (when he's not wild & crazy, that is) who happens to give the best hugs, kisses & "nosies". He's really into snuggling these days, too, as in "Mommy, let's snuggle"! It's precious. Here are some photos taken from the last month of Adam spreading his love around...

Giving Uncle Joey a "back hug" in Palm Springs

Nosies for Uncle Stevenie (his new name for him)!

Lots of love - in the form of tickling! - between Adam & Uncles Joey & Steven.

Adam always gives Grandma BIG HUGS and lots of nosies. She especially loves his "real kisses" now! It's so funny b/c if you ask him for a kiss he'll stop what he's doing and kiss whatever body part is closer... usually your arm. :)

Snuggling with Mommy

Reading/snuggling with Daddy. As you can see, reading books is HUGE around here! Adam loves to take out all of his books (or as many as we'll allow) and choose his favorites each night.

Hugs for Marty

Adam has A LOT of love to give... especially to his Mommy! He loves giving me multiple kisses a day and says "I love you so much, Mommy"! whenever I leave. When you ask him "how much" he opens up his arms really wide - too cute! If only he knew how much I loved him...


Wendy and Karen said...

Such happy hug photos.

E. from Pot o' Gold said...

So sweet. I love having a snuggly child too!

Thanks for your comments on the blog. It is always helpful to hear when you're going through similar things with Adam. Makes me feel sane.

Things Teo likes to do solo at the moment are: puzzles (although, it can be frustrating for him if it's a hard one - he's a perfectionist); blocks/lego; colouring/tracing letter-type educational workbooks; books on CD checked out from the library (I just leave a CD player out, and after a few lessons on how to care for the CD player/CD's, he does really well setting it up all by himself, and putting them away).