Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snow Day!

On Wednesday, it snowed 6-8 inches so we had our first snow day on Thursday! As long-time readers, you may recall that I'm a *huge* fan of the white stuff! So fun and pretty! Of course, my kid is a big fan, too. He kept going to the window and yelling, "Mommy, look at all the SNOW! Say WOW! Loudly!" (He loves it when I say "wow" and literally asks me to say it several times a day)! :) Anyway... we bundled Adam up (I had 2 pairs of snow boots this year - after only having rain boots last winter and driving all over the city in a desperate attempt to find some last year before our huge blizzard) and headed out. Adam was excited to have his very own "real" miniature shovel (the saleslady at De.pot pointed it out to him) and he couldn't wait to shovel with Daddy:

Afterwards, he made his very first snowman. His only real requirements were that the snowman had a carrot & raisins... and a HAT. Well, we had the carrots & raisins but no hat. So Adam insisted that the snowman wear the ALA.BAMA baseball cap that Daddy was wearing. The cap covered almost the entire snowman (see below) but Adam didn't care... since the snowman's head was warm, I'm assuming. ;)

The only downfall to the snowstorm is that we lost electricity for 33 VERY.LONG.HOURS. Actually, during the day wasn't too bad... we played in the snow and saw "Tang.led" at the movies (Adam's 2nd time seeing it - he saw it with Uncle Steven & Aunt Elizabeth in Palm Springs - and kept saying "I already saw that one!" afterwards). However, the 2nd night was ridiculously cold - the thermostat was registering 56 degrees when the power finally came back on! I will never take electricity for granted again!

The best part of the snow day was having additional time during the week with my Little Love:

(not the most flattering pic - hey, we didn't have any power!).

Speaking of time... I will begin working FULL-TIME this week! This is great news as I love my job - and the extra income is nice - but it does mean less time with Adam which I'm definitely sad about (and feeling guilty, too). However, I really didn't have a choice but to accept the offer if I wanted to stay in my current postion (and I definitely do). I'm really hoping it will all work out!

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E. from Pot o' Gold said...

Yay. Snow. I'm jealous. We haven't had ANY this year yet.