Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy (belated) New Year!

Happy (belated) New Year to all my wonderful blog-o-sphere friends! =)

We are back from Palm Springs, CA where we had a wonderful vacation. It was so great having my whole family back together (minus my Dad, of course... but hopefully he is up "somewhere" smiling down at all of us together). Anyway... it was truly great spending time together. Adam was a bit of a nut... due to the 3-hour time change, overstimulation, fatigue, etc. so that was a little stressful. I need to do a better job planning his daily schedule (nap, meals, bedtime, etc.) before we make the trip again in June for Joey's wedding. Anyway... he's certainly happy to be back at home. We are, too, but I do miss being with my brothers. Sigh.

I have made books for each calendar year of Adam's blog (I'll be publishing the 3rd book - 2010 - soon!) so I think I'll back-date the CA posts so they'll be a part of the 2010 book. Long story short, if you would like see photos from our CA trip, check back in a few days and they will be listed in the Dec. 2010 archive.

For now, I'll leave you with a few (terrible quality - from my phone) photos of Adam's new favorite activity - "marble hockey"! He made this "game" up himself after being inspired by the air hockey game at E. Cheese's! He uses his train table as the board, his toy hammers for hockey sticks, legos for the goals, marbles for the pucks, and clay containers for the marble holders. Super imaginative and cute... and LOUD. Oy. He absolutely LOVES playing, though... by himself and with us. You may notice the little scar under Adam's nose - not sure how he got that but hoping it will go away soon!

Wishing everyone a happy & healthy New Year! =)

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