Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunday School

We have enrolled Adam in his first Sunday School! It's called Training Wheels and it's run by Had.assah at a local temple. The kids (ages 2-5) meet once a month and do a lot of hands-on activities. Last month the theme was Ro.sh Hash.anah and Suk.kah and this month the theme was Shab.bat.

The class on Sunday began with the Al.ef Bet song (Hebrew alphabet). Afterwards, the teacher showed the children how to make challah and then each kid got their own challah dough to knead & braid:

Then the challahs were put in the oven to bake. Yummy!

Afterwards, the kids sang some songs and the teacher read a book about a Shab.bat box... where you store your Shab.bat candles, kiddish cup and challah cover. Each child got their own Challah box, full of the goodies, to decorate:
Making his Shab.bat box -- he wrote his name and applied metallic dots around the rim in glitter glue. Next to Adam is his "birthday twin", Geoffrey (they were born on the exact same day)... his mom told me about the program (Thanks, Alison)!
Decorating the challah cover with his name and some happy face people =)

Next, the kids played a Hebrew version of "Sim.on Says":
"Put your hand on your rosh (head)"
I love how Adam is sticking his tuchus out here! =)

The class ended with another Shab.bat story and a good-bye song ("Shalom, Chav.erim", I believe - Goodbye, Friends")
Listening to a funny Shab.bat story... I love how Adam is sitting & listening so nicely :)!

Afterwards, we hung out at the Temple's playground with Geoffrey & the other kids. It was a wonderful morning! =)

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