Monday, October 4, 2010

Adam & Sarah at the Fair

The weather was so lovely this weekend. We took full advantage of it by heading to a fall fair! We met Rachel & family there for Adam & Sarah's annual "fall (play)date"! =) They really are so cute together. They had a great time going on rides (if you look carefully in the "dragon photo" below, you can see them!)and petting the animals (Adam's new favorite thing to do). Ella, Sarah's baby sister, also joined in the fun... she is such a good baby & so precious!

Waiting patiently in line


Can you see them in the front row?!?

Adam loves petting the animals!

Hey, it's Franklin! ;)

All aboard... Rachel, Sarah, Adam & Me

Ella & Rachel (they are BOTH so photogenic!)

Afterwards, we headed for the Sil.ver and the kids were really well-behaved (and the place was really loud which definitely helped!). We even let the kids chase each other around the table at the end of the meal while the dads (Steven & Jon) chatted about... what else... football!
Sarah & Adam, peacefully coloring (for the moment) while waiting for their mac & cheese

The Dads! Jon & Sarah, Steven & Adam

We had a great time with Rachel, Jon, Sarah & Ella on Saturday and are looking forward to another "family playdate" soon!!!

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