Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Soccer Star!

Adam is a natural athlete, like his daddy and cousins Jake, Evan & Zach. He loves throwing a football around, hitting a tennis ball (or balloon) and running. However, his favorite sport is soccer (he'll tell you this, too!). He took his first soccer "class" at only 17 months old and has been kicking balls passionately ever since.

Little Love at 17 months! Aww!

We enrolled him in a soccer class at the community center this summer and he enjoyed it... so we enrolled him again for the fall. 2 days after enrolling him, his school sent out an e-mail saying that a soccer coach was coming to his school on Mondays for kids interesting in learning... you guessed it, soccer. It was an extra charge (of course) but totally worth since most of the 3-year-old boys are in the class plus it's outdoors. So now Adam has soccer twice a week... and STILL can't get enough of the sport... we have THREE soccer balls!

The weather dropped into the 50s today so I bent the rules and let Adam play soccer in the house this afternoon... all moms do this, right?!? ;) Here's a short clip of him playing... I especially love how he yells that he's a soccer star... he's very modest, as you can see:


beth said...

melinda loves soccer too
maybe we can play???????

E. from Pot o' Gold said...

Teo is good at soccer too. Wish they could play together. :)