Monday, September 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Farewell, sweet summer days

Ahh... the last week of summer has come & gone. We made the most of it and hit Clej.montri Playground... a huge park which Adam enjoyed... but made MOMMY (aka ME) very nervous b/c it's impossible to keep track of your kids there... or take decent pics... but I tried (in vain)...

Look at my BIG BOY!!!

We also went to the new water playground in Leesburg, which was really nice. They had a cute area for little ones, complete with 2 water slides. Adam was terrified to go down them, though, even though he *really* wanted to. He was worried he would "hit his head" at the bottom... he was so upset and torn about what to do. He used to be scared of regular slides, too, and now goes down them like a pro. He swam around for a while and then we took a "frozen ice" break. Afterwards, Daddy & Adam went in an innertube. However, it wasn't that comfortable and Adam wanted OUT pretty quickly! Steven enjoyed his ride, though. =)

We certainly will miss you, sweet summer days!!!

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