Monday, September 6, 2010

Big Day Ahead...

We have finished up our last week of summer, at least according to the "school calendar" year. Tomorrow is the 1st day of preschool (officially) for Adam!

I am quite nervous about Adam transitioning to the 3-year-old class and he is, too. The past week he has been talking about "Ms. Nalika's" class A LOT. At first he was excited about going to "Room 5" with the big kids. Recently, though, he has talked about being scared and has told us numerous times that he doesn't want to go to "Room 5". He wants to stay in "Room 1" because "he wants to be with all the friends". It really is quite sad. The only kids he'll know in his new class are Rushan and Nila (and 2 other kids that I don't know). His "best friend" Jackie will not be in his class =(. Also, since the school is Mont.essori he'll now be in a multi-age class with kids age 3 & 4 and he'll be in Ms. Nalika's class for 2 years... until Kindergarten!!!

He visited Ms. Nalika's class three times last week... the first time Ms. Lizeth (his "old" teacher - sigh) said he was literally shaking he was so nervous. However, Ms. Nalika said he was happy once he got in there. She's VERY serious about the kids learning... I had to buy Adam a folder and composition book for "weekly homework"! The cool thing is that Adam read 2 words himelf today without prompting -- hot and cat. So hopefully he's prepared enough!!! I REALLY wish I could go with him tomorrow but since it's the 1st day of school at my work, I need to be there. Hugh sigh. Hopefully Steven will remember to take pictures of my big boy! I just hope that the day will go well for my Little Love. He was in Ms. Lizeth's class for a full year and really enjoyed it (the majority of the time)... change is HARD (admittedly, probably harder for ME than for him... at least I hope so)!

Here are some pics from Friday when Adam said good-bye to Ms. Lizeth and her mom (teacher assistant), Ms. Racquel. Sorry that they are sideways! I was able to take the first pic before Adam saw me... he's sitting next to Ms. Sauzy (another assistant) here:

Last day in Room 1
Giving Ms. Lizeth her present & a farewell hug
Farewell hugs to Ms. Racquel
One last hug for Ms. Lizeth (she is so wonderful!)
I'm ready for ROOM 5!!!

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E. from Pot o' Gold said...

Aww. Hope he adjusts and does really well. :)