Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Little Love is 3.5 today! Unbelievable. Here are a few pics taken today of my 3.5 year old:

Playing around
"Reading" a book to us (his new favorite thing to do)
Mommy & Adam

Of course he refused to look up... except for the last photo where he gave a huge smile! Yay!

More to come on my big boy later this week...


The Dargan Family said...

Happy half birthday cutie!

-Tara from Two Lines, I am switching back to my old "family" blog.

Wendy and Karen said...

Happy Half Birthday Handsome!

Love the pj's.

E. from Pot o' Gold said...

Can't believe our boys are 3 and a half! I love that last pic of you with your little cutie. :)