Monday, November 16, 2009

"WHY?"... & other favorites

Oh my goodness... there is really so much to write about these days and I have been really slacking. =( It's been crazier here than usual balancing everything. Fortunately, I love my job (usually) but I've been missing Adam a lot recently when I'm at work. He's at a really fun age and I just love being with him. He continues to crack us up with his expressions. Tonight he was playing with my hair and said "you look so pretty, Mama, like an angel". Like an angel?!? One thing I do not look like is an angel... but it was sweet (and amusing) none-the-less. He is also using adjectives frequently these days. When he stepped out of the bath he told me that he was "freezing cold".

The word that LL uses most often now, hands down, is "WHY?". He is particularly interested in WHY someone feels a certain way. If a person/character dares not to smile, Adam will ask "WHY is he mad?" "But WHY?". I answer different ways, depending on my mood. Being a former teacher, I like to use "teachable moments". So when Adam is asking for the 100th time why someone is mad, I usually answer that the person is mad b/c someone didn't share their toys. Fast thinking, huh? =)

Adam is also in the "pretend play" stage -- BIG TIME. He is always "cooking" for us (in his 2 kitchens), giving his doggies a bath, feeding them (and us), etc. He has just started playing with his Lit.tle People barn, animals & fire truck. He especially likes to stuff all the animals (20+) into the barn. There is a little iguana and he alternates between calling it an "alligator" and a "dinosaur". It's pretty funny. Here are some photos of Adam (pretend)playing:

Playgrounds continue to be a big hit! The weather has been really nice so of course we're taking advantage of it! Here are some playground pics from last week:

Adam LOVES to climb... he can climb the whole way up by himself. I have a near heart attack every time! Also, the little girls in the photos are kids we met in the library music class that meets right before we head out to the playground.

Last, but certainly not least, Adam still loves tossing around -- or kicking -- a ball. He seems to be quite athletic, all thanks to me (yeh... totally kidding there... Steven is a natural athlete, though... I'm SO not!). We took Adam to a park this past somewhat rainy Saturday and caught a soccer game. A few balls "went out" during the practice and Adam went after every one! Afterwards, he found some nice mud puddles to jump in! Such a boy!!!


After all this playing, this is how we usually find Adam after 10 minutes in the car:

Before I sign off, I have a few shout-outs:
* Congratulations to Stacey, Tom & Benjamin on their latest addition! We are looking forward to meeting Alexander tomorrow!
* Happy 3rd Birthday, Miss Caylee! We had a great time at your party! Will post pics soon!
* Happy 1st Birthday, Andrew! Wonderful party -- we especially loved watching you go after that cupcake! =)
*Saving "the best for last" here:
Happy 10 Years to my 1st Love! Steven and I met on a blind date on 11-14-99 and my life hasn't been the same since... xoxo
Photo taken from our Alaskan Cruise Honeymoon -- June 2003
Have a great week, everyone!


Sarah said...

LOVE the one of LL playing soccer...great "action" shot! Happy anniversary to you both too!

Amanda said...

Awwww...he told you you were pretty like an angel!!! That's so sweet!!! I can't get over how grown up he looks in that first pic!

E, SS and the Little Man said...

Happy anniversary!