Wednesday, November 18, 2009

(relatively) Wordless Wednesday -- Adam's buddies

Adam has lots of buddies. He usually (ok, sometimes) plays nicely with other kids and seems to enjoy their company. If we go somewhere without other children, the question "Where are all the kids?" will usually be raised. Here are some recent adventures with some of Adam's buddies...

Special playdate! The mothers of these adorable kiddos -- Rachel, Angela & Kerry -- and I met around the time that we all got pregnant. We try to get the kids together a few times a year. Adam and Liam were born only one week apart (we even had the same OB!) and Lily was born 6 weeks later. Sarah "came into the scene" about 9 months later. Now, Liam and Lily both have little brothers (Connor and Nolan) and Sarah's little sibling will be arriving in December. Sitting oh-so-nicely in this photo are: Sarah, Lily, Connor, Liam, Nolan & Adam. Full disclosure: do you see that little orange peg that Nolan is holding? Well... let's just say that Adam made a mad dash for it .3 seconds after this photo was taken. It was NOT a good scene (and that's putting it mildly!).

Adam LOVES Lily. When Lily got off the couch, Adam asked for Lily to come back and sit with him.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Caylee! Adam's celebrating Caylee's birthday with Caylee & her baby sister, Emma. He especially enjoyed the cupcake icing.

Remember Riley? Unfortunately, with both Molly and myself working, we don't get to see Riley as often anymore. Here's a pic of them playing -- when they decided that they wanted to share, that is (that didn't last long).

Adam giving Caylee a birthday hug good-bye. He has mastered the "gentle hugs"... as his big bear hugs were ending up with kids on the floor!

We also went to Andrew's 1st birthday party last week but I forgot my camera.=( He was an adorable birthday boy who especially loved his cake!

Hope everyone is having a great week! Can't believe Thanksgiving is only 1 week away... time is flying by!!!

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