Monday, November 9, 2009

Big Talker

I am so behind on my blog posts! We've had a very busy week and there is much to report. Lots of playdates, adventures, birthday parties, etc... I'll post photos of all of it soon. There's a "sneak peak" photo under the "All about Adam" header. This photo (and the one at the end of the post) was taken at C.ox Farms pumpkin patch yesterday. I laugh everytime I look at it and I still have no idea how the heck he got up there?!? I *do* know that Adam will do *anything* to get to what he wants!!! More on the pumpkin patch tomorrow. Tonight I'm in awe of my big talker.

Adam continues to amaze us as he is sounding more "little boy" and less "tot" every day. We can have actual, relatively long conversations with him now. He's *always* talking (unless he's getting into trouble) and loves using adjectives now. His new favorite word is "beautiful". He'll frequently ask me to "Look at the beautiful _________" and it can be anything he likes (beautiful or not-so-much)! He is also using lots of prepositions such as under, over, etc. He communicates really well but still stutters sometimes... I think it's because he just has SO much to say. If you know me "in real life", I'm sure it's not at all surprising that my kid is a big talker!

He is aware of EVERYTHING. Last week I had black hose on and the very first thing he said when I picked him up at school was "What are you wearing, Mama?"... he was truly fascinated. Tonight he noticed the new sheets on his bed and very excitedly exclaimed "Look at my new sheets!" Talk about seeing things through new eyes. He makes every day fun... well, when he's being a little love that is. Believe me, we had some not-so-sweet moments this past week (two words: sharing & pushing. Ugh). For the most part, though, he is truly DE-LIGHT-FUL... full of BIG smiles, hugs & kisses xoxo.

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