Friday, August 28, 2009

LL at 29 months (UPDATED with more details)!

Our Little Love turned 29 months today! Unbelievable. Here's what he's been up to these days:

School: On Tuesday, Adam will start his new class at Mont.essori. More on that later (I'm quite nervous about the change)!!!

Little Love has FINALLY been sleeping 10 hours straight without waking up in the middle-of-the-night since we've back from B'ham (yes, I realized I just jinxed this)! He's also taking shorter naps these days -- 2 hours instead of 3. Probably b/c he's sleeping better at night. He loves his big boy bed... but we still have to stay with him ("hold my feet!") until he falls asleep (usually relatively quickly).

For the most part, LL is eating pretty well (for him). He had chicken mixed with rice & peas at Grandma's house today and loved it. He still usually eats the toddler basics: mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, spaghetti, etc. Recently, he enjoyed a slice of pizza and, shocker, he loves french fries now, too. Fruit still is his favorite food group, though... especially grapes! He also has a major sweet tooth these days... loves cake, cookies, etc. Big shocker since he's our kid, right?!? He had a cupcake from a birthday party (in his class) yesterday and I took a little bite. He was NOT amused...told Daddy that "Mama took a bite of my cake!"... I couldn't help laughing through my guilt!

Favorite Activities: Exploring & figuring out how things work, Playing Ball (any ball -- soccer, football, you name it - he loves it!), Water Table (or, more correctly, playing with the hose and getting Daddy all wet), Books (he now understands -- really understands -- stories... so he loves reading! Yay!), Singing/songs (new favorites are the Micke.y Mouse and Ses.ame Street cds), going to Grandma's house, playgrounds (always), exploring Home De.pot with Daddy (a new favorite), and playing with other kids (he has especially liked playing with Jack, Mary & Lewie who live near Grandma's house recently).

Pretend Play: Adam is really into pretend play these days. He varies his roles between caretaker (changing doggy's diaper), housekeeper (he insists on sweeping the floor every single day), chef (making Mama "mac & cheese" and bringing Mama her "soda") and, his favorite, playing doctor.
How precious is this?!? Adam always puts on his "gloves" (socks) whenever he's examining with his "stethoscope". It really is the most adorable thing.

Tattletale?: As Grandma found out today, nothing gets by LL. He spent the day at Grandma's house today while I was at work and had a great time, as always. Well, every night when I tuck him in, we discuss the day. He told me he had been at Grandma's House and then he said... "I fell down. In the kitchen." When I asked him what happened, he elaborated... "I fell from Grandma's hand. I hit my head. I cried hard. My head hurt". I'm thinking WHAT?!? Grandma never mentioned this! I call Steven up and Adam repeated the story. I call Grandma and... guess what... Little Love did fall in the kitchen today! She was holding him and he said "put down" and before she could... he slipped out of her hands onto the floor! He fell on his feet/tush but then lost his balance and flipped over hitting his head. =( I was very upset hearing about this but Mom said he only cried for a minute and seemed to be fine, just a little shaken up from the experience. We both found it remarkable, however, that he could recount the story perfectly. We can't get anything pass this guy!

Adjectives to describe LL (in random order)
: happy, curious, strongwilled, stubborn, delightful, beautiful, precious, smart, precocious, funny, sweet, talkative, lovable, affectionate, fun & curious (has to be mentioned 2x -- he's into everything). Speaking of curious, Adam takes apart everything. I mean everything. He'll play with something for a few minutes and then tries to take it apart (I imagine to see how it works). For example... he got a little "blow toy/party favor" (no idea what they're called) and had a ball blowing on it. Then after a few minutes, he tried to take it apart. Also, if he hears the word "battery", he MUST take the battery out of the remote control and put it back in. Same with flashlights, watering cans... anything that has parts. My mom calls him very mechanical -- he always has been, too. It's interesting because I am so NOT mechanical and I don't think Steven is, either.

Even though Little Love has his moments (does he ever!), he really is such a delight and a blessing. He says the funniest things (such as "No Mama, don't kiss me" when I was overloading him with kisses!) and is extremely lovable (calling us "MeeMee, DeeDee, and GramMee" when he's in an affectionate mood). We just ADORE our Little Love! xoxox

Daddy and his Mini-Me, watching Sesam.e Street... Adam's current favorite show. He especially loves "Elm.o's World" with Mr. Noodle! He also loves Bert! I bought him the Sesam.e Street CD and song DVD... he LOVES them! New favorite song is "Rubber"!!! I LOVED Sesam.e Street as a kid so it's so fun watching him discover the characters now. =)


McTriplet Mommy said...

I can't believe how big he is getting! LOVE love love the pic of him and Daddy watching SS. :)

Take care,

Getz Gang said...

love the sock on the hand. He's precious, as always! miss you