Saturday, February 12, 2011

Little Love Update

Oh my goodness, I am soooo behind in my blogging! I think about blogging all.the.time but between all the other things I think about doing plus the things I actually HAVE to do... well, unfortunately, blogging is low on the "things to do" list (literally). Right now, Adam is busy playing with my "computer/phone" so I have a few minutes. So, what have I been so busy with, you may be wondering? Besides hanging out with Little Love, I have been working. A LOT. I'm (slowly)getting used to the full-time working gig. Fortunately, I truly love my job but it is difficult having less time with Adam and less time to myself. I just finished my first full working week since there were no snow days last week. :( The biggest adjustment for Adam is not having me around in the morning as much. As a result, he's a bit clingier when he goes to sleep (wraps his arms so tightly around me!) and has been waking up more at night. He's also been acting out a bit when we first get home, after school. I'm hoping the transition will be easier for the both of us in the upcoming weeks.

This is how I found Adam & Daddy one morning last week.

Adam is becoming more & more of a big boy everyday... he'll be 4 in about 6 weeks (OMG)! He loves to show me how much he's grown and likes me to measure him on his growth chart almost daily. :) The coolest thing is that he's READING and WRITING!!! So exciting!!! He's been reading for about 3-6 months now but has really caught the hang of phonics now. He can "sound out" almost any 3-4 letter word now and spell them, too. Here is some of his writing from earlier this week:

He wrote 3 sentences (I Love Adam, I Love Mommy & I Love Daddy) and some words. We never ask him to read or write, he always chooses do. He really gets excited to "show off" his reading & writing to us. They emphasize learning a great deal at school (can you tell?!?) but he seems to like it (for now, at least). He's also into "math" these days. He collected his foam numbers from the bathtub earlier this week and got really excited making number combinations. He can name 20, 30, etc. and can tell time (6 o'clock, 3 o'clock, etc.). It really is amazing how much he knows at such a young age.

He still loves to draw, too. Here's a watermelon and a little boy. The boy is crying because he misses his daddy (we were waiting for Steven to come home when he drew this... aww)!

Of course, he also loves to PLAY! Our gym has an open basketball court so we take Adam most weekends so he can run around with the soccer ball & get some of that energy out!

Most of all, his favorite thing to do is CANDYLAND!!! He is OBSESSED with the game and plays several different "versions" of it with Daddy. Unfortunately, he is a very sore loser. We're working on it!


Getz Gang said...

he is sooo smart...reminds me of emma when she was little...but noooo similarities of the boys :)

E. from Pot o' Gold said...

That's so great that he's reading, writing and drawing pictures that make sense! Teo loves to play games (and is also a bit of a sore loser).

Anonymous said...


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