Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy 3rd Blog-anaversary! :) :) :)

Wow... it's my 3rd Blog-anaverary (well, 2 days ago it was!) Thank you to all my friends (both IRL, virtual or both!) who have read about the adventures of Little Love throughout the years. I love my "baby/big boy book" that I have created and I'm about to publish the 4th edition. So cool! Little Love has come a long way since the first post 3 years ago....but he still has that mischievious smile! As Uncle Steven says, there's a lot of mischief behind those eyes... always has been! ;)

Adam at 10.5 months - Feb. 2008 -- Look at the mischief brewing already in his eyes! ;)

Adam at 1 year, 10.5 months -- Feb. 2009 -- Shopping with Mama

Adam at 2 years, 10.5 months: February 2010, at Bethes.da's's Mus.eum

Adam at 3 years, 10.5 months: Feb. 2011 - excited to have found a raisin in his trail mix :)

If you are still reading, leave a comment and let us know! xoxoxo

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