Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wor.ld Cup Fun

We celebrated the Wor.ld Cup Soccer Tournament(?) in style today. Adam started his soccer classes that were, thankfully, indoors (since it was 95 degrees outside today)! He seemed to enjoy the class and learned to dribble the ball. The teacher was really sweet and there were only 4 kids in the class. I think that Adam would just be happy to run around a gym while kicking a soccer ball... but he seemed to like the structure of the class. Afterwards Steven and Adam played themselves for about 30 minutes... I think that was their favorite part!

After Adam's 20 minute nap(!), we went over to Michelle & Paul's house for a Wor.ld Cup BBQ which was great fun! I just love my girlfriends and their kids... it's always a treat to get together, esp. with the families. Adam hadn't seen his friends Tomas, Benjamin, Nathan, Addie & Asha in a few months so he had a great time "catching up" with them. =)
These 3 Amigos (Tomas, Adam & Benjamin) were pretty inseparable

"exercising together"

Adam serving Addie a carrot =)

Sno-Cones! =)

Adam loved playing in this cool sandbox!

All in all, a great day. Even with USA's soccer loss to Ghana! As you can see, Adam is still in the spirit!

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