Wednesday, June 23, 2010

our little performer

Adam is definitely a little ham. Even though he does have some moments of shyness, put some music on and he is usually on the floor, bouncing away. He recently had two opportunities to show off his dancing skills. The first time was at a neighborhood fair where he performed with Ms. Nicole a Kinderda.nce routine. It was over 90 degrees outside but he did great! Most of the other kids were older but he kept right up:

Then, on Friday, his class (Ms. Lucette's class at Montessori) had a "spring musical" that Adam sang in. Since it was the last day of school (at the school I work at) I wasn't allowed to take leave to watch him. Fortunately, Steven was there and took a few pics. You'll notice Little Love in the back row, on the far left (yes, he finally got a haircut!):

Playing outside after the musical:

School's (finally) out for summer for me, too! Hooray! I can finally catch up on my blogging now! I'm hoping to blog 2-3 times a week this summer... LOT of stuff to post... including photos from Cousin Blake's 1st Birthday Party which was on Sunday. Can't believe he's one -- he's such a cutie! Signing off for now, will be back with another post by the end of the week! =)

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E, SS and the Little Man said...

Great pics. He's so smiley and happy. Have a great summer! Being an educator and/or partner to one rocks!