Sunday, September 27, 2009

Downtown Leesburg Photo Shoot

We headed to downtown Leesburg yesterday for a mini-session photography shoot with my favorite photographer, Stephanie. I was so inspired from the photo session that I decided to take some (admittedly quite non-professional) photos of Adam myself in Leesburg. Steven & I love being in downtown Leesburg... lots of good memories. I was a school counselor there for 4 years, pre- Adam, so we used to hang out there sometimes. They have great shops, antique stores, restaurants, etc. I also have a great memory of being at Lightf.oot Restaurant (which I highly recommend) with my parents and Steven -- years ago -- and finding it to be so charming. Anyway, I think this was the first time we went with Adam (which seems hard to believe, since it's only about 30 minutes away) and we had a nice time. After the photo session (both Stephanie's and mine) we ate lunch outside at a little cafe. We walked around a bit and then it started to rain. At that time, we headed to the other side of Leesburg -- where the awesome outlets are! Bought Adam a pair of Sauc.ony sneakers at the Rite outlet store for only $28 (a good deal since they're made by Rite and super cute). Adam now wears a size 8! Wow! Also dropped in my beloved Car.ter's outlet -- they make the best "footsy pajamas" and I had a coupon, too. Would have loved to do more shopping but Adam was sooooooooo ready for a nap and was beginning to melt down a bit. He loved the shoe store -- he opened up about 10 boxes of shoes -- was talking to himself saying "try these on, these are big boy shoes" -- very cute -- but had a fit when it was time to leave. All in all, though, a really nice morning. We were hoping to see Cousins Claire & Blake (with Paul & Jenn, of course) in the afternoon to go to the pumpkin patch but were "rained out" plus Steven was on-call for work. Hopefully we'll get to see them in the next month.

Here are some pictures that I took of Adam in downtown Leesburg yesterday... as you can see, very unprofessional! I definitely had some issues with the lighting... Adam's face looks all blotchy, which it isn't. Anyway, we'll get the proofs from the professional session on Friday...looking forward to coming our shoots! HA! =)

The morning ended with a run through the grass... and flower picking. Apparently, the flowers were so pretty that Adam tried to eat them. Oops!

Today is Little Love's last day of being "just 2"! That's right... he'll be 2.5 tomorrow!


Sarah said...

Darling "mommy" photos..can't wait to see the professional ones!

beth and melinda said...

what a big boy