Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1st Movie

Adam is totally in love with the movie "The Li.on King". This is the first movie he's seen (well, he's only seen parts of it). It is Steven's and my favorite Disney movie. I bought the DVD years ago, pre-Adam, in the hopes of showing it to my "future children" one day. Adam only watches the songs and the first few minutes of the movie. We stop the DVD way before Simba's father is killed, for obvious reasons. I also have the CD for the car and Adam has the little cassettes for his "radio". He also talks and draws Simba, Scar, and "the wise monkey" all the time. I ordered him the Sing-Along Lion DVD off of Amaz.on and he loves it! I enjoy watching it more with him, too, since I don't have to worry about him seeing Scar or the mean hyenas! =)

Drawing "the wise monkey" from The Li.on King (so serious!)

Playing songs from his radio... the little cassettes have songs from Li.on King and Ses.ame Street (perfect)! I bought it for $6 off of's List -- great find!!! =)

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