Saturday, February 14, 2009

Haircut #2

We took Adam in to "Cartoon Cuts" for his 2nd haircut today. I kept putting it off, as the curls on the back of his head are SO cute. However, he was truly beginning to look like a ragamuffin. Waves and curls all over the place... a ragamuffin or a little surfer dude...! Anyway, he was excited going into the store for his "hair cuttt" but got a little nervous when he sat in the chair. The hairdresser asked if he could have a lollipop... uh, no... chocking hazard, lady, he's not even 2 yet (and I'm a little paranoid) so she gave him 3 hair clips to play with (he left the store with 2 of them. Oops).

The view from the front... BEFORE

The view from the back... BEFORE

He did okay during the haircut (and was a little intrigued) but did say "No Like It", "Almost done", "All done" (hint to the stylist, I guess) quite a few times and wasn't all that happy.


Adam's classic "NO LIKE IT!" look

"All Done!"

He kept his cool until the razor (?) came out and then he started to cry & move away. So we ended up only having one side of his "sideburns" shaved off. When we left the store, I asked him what had happened and he said:

"Haircut. I was scared"

How cool is that?!? We were amazed that he used that word (he's used it a few times before, but only after we've said that he was scared... we didn't use the word at all -- I don't think -- during the haircut).

The view from the front... AFTER

The view from the back... AFTER

Next, we rode the elevators a few time -- his favorite -- so all was good in Little Love's world again... and I love the haircut. He looks so handsome and so much older! :o)

Calling Grandma to tell her all about his new haircut!


namaste said...

Very handsome! And you're lucky he did so well with the haircut - Danny has gone from oblivious to terrified of them. Fortunately we only torture him with them every 2 months or so.

As far as lollipops - we let Danny do them. Daycare started it and it was quite surprising one day to arrive to pick him up and see him contentedly sucking on a lollipop. He doesn't get them often, but seems quite clear on the whole concept of them. Suck for a while, then crunch. We don't do peanuts or any of the other choking hazards yet, but Adam could probably handle a lollipop when you're ready. :)

And Baby Makes Three said...

so handsome with his new haircut!! i also love your then and now fun to look back...i'll have to remember that one for the future!