Saturday, February 7, 2009

22 Things -- 22 Months Old (Part ONE)

Facebook has inspired me. After reading the infamous "25 Random Things" lists from at least 50 friends (and writing my own), I have decided to write 22 things about my 22 month old. I had planned on doing this on the day Adam turned 22 months (10 days ago) but have kept procrastinating. Not sure why -- I have notes & everything! :)

22 Things about my 22 Month Old -- Part one (in random order, of course):

1. Adam has been called "Little Love" by my mom and I since his newborn days. When mom & I e-mail, instead of writing "Adam" we actually write "Little Love" or "LL". I also say to Adam "Adam is Mama's ___" and he knows to say "LOVE"! :)

2. Adam still *LOVES* his doggies!!! He now has 5 Gund Spunky Dogs (1 huge, 1 medium, 2 small that bark and 1 tiny rattle one). He calls the tiny rattle one "Baby Doggy" and the huge one "Big Doggy". The rest are simply known as... "Doggy!" Baby Doggy is brown, the rest are blue. We also had a blue Baby Doggy but lost it in Palm Springs. Adam loves ALL things DOGGY. He has several other Doggy stuffed animals, which he also adores... but he HAS to sleep with Doggy and carry Doggy to school with him (usually one for each hand, the small ones still being his favorite). I know I've written way too much about STUFFED DOGS (!!!) but they really are a big part of Adam's life. :)

3. Adam talks in little sentences all the time now. The funniest thing he says is, "What did I do? What did Adam do?" in this hilarious, high pitched voice... like he's totally shocked (and amused) by whatever (usually naughty) thing that he did. For example, he loves books with little tabs that open. He also LOVES to rip off these little tabs and say "I rippped it. Need tape. Adam ripped it". He acts all horrified and shocked when he rips the pieces out even though he knows EXACTLY what he's doing. We've had to take away several books b/c of this. When we give him back the books, the first thing he'll say (and throughout the book) is "No rip it"! He is hysterical.

4. Adam's body type is JUST LIKE STEVEN'S (Dada's). They both have naturally slim body types with a small tush and a BIG BELLY. Adam has always been very skinny... except for his adorable tummy.

5. Adam took himself off the bottle a few weeks ago, right before he turned 22 months. At that time, he was still having 2 bottles (sometimes 3) a day of the Next Step Formula, which he seemed to love. I was always planning on having him completely off the bottle by age 2 (I've kept him on it until now b/c he is on the small side) and was a little concerned about how to go about it. Well, Adam decided one day that he no longer wanted his "baba" ("No Like It!" was his exact phrase and that was that. He quit the bottle cold turkey! Which is great EXCEPT he doesn't like drinking formula or milk in a cup either. The only thing he wants to drink is apple juice (& water if apple juice is unavailable... we limit it to 2 cups a day and it's the watered down, low sugar version, of course). He will not drink smoothies or eat yogurt now, either. However, he will eat cheerios in milk, on occasion, which is great. And messy. I really liked having him on the formula for another month or two since I knew he was getting all his nutrients/vitamins that day but he wasn't going to have it. Did I ever mention that Little Love is *very* opinionated and knows *exactly* what he wants?!?

6. Speaking of food, Adam's favorite foods are fruits & veggies. He loves ALL fruit (incl. applesauce & raisins) and his favorite vegetable are peas. He could eat these all day and be happy. He also loves cheerios, bagels, apple juice (as mentioned above), mac & cheese, Grandma's spaghetti & meatballs, Grandma's turkey meatloaf and anything that Steven and I are eating (HA)! He's not a picky eater (except for the milk!) but he usually eats very small portions. Oh, he also loves the kid-friendly chicken & cheese quesadillas from the Play Cafe. He ate almost an entire adult portion there last week! Another reason why I love the place.

7. Entertainment favorites include:
Books: Goldilocks & The 3 Bears, the Big Word Book, Goodnight Moon (an old favorite that has recently resurfaced again), Goodnight Gorilla, Goodnight Washington D.C. (do you see a theme here?), That's Not my Dinosaur (he loves the bubbles on one page... it's bizarre), & I Love You Through & Through.

TV: Barney (always #1, he even knows the different "On Demand" episodes and requests certain ones... his favorite episode is "Barney -- On the Road/Cars"), Sesame Street, particularly Panwapa (a Sesame Street special) and his new favorite, a cartoon about Kipper, the (British?) dog. He watches about 30-60 minutes a day, usually when he first wakes up and after his nap.

8. Adam seems to love school now even though he'll say "No Annie (his teacher, who he loves) or "No Like It" some mornings. However, he doesn't cry when Steven drops him off and looks happy when I pick him up (even though he does say "HOME" to me immediately... at least he's not literally bolting to the door when he sees me anymore!). His reports are always marked that he's happy (which is a good thing... I still remember the time when "teary" was marked. I got teary myself reading that!)! He loves Miss Annie and Miss Nas and they love him... Miss Nas told me yesterday that Adam is "the best one" in the class... that he's "so smart, so cute, etc"... which, I admit, I loved hearing (who wouldn't?!?)! I'm sure she says this to all the parents, though! Adam adores his friends at school and recites their names, when asked... Jackie, Olivia, Connor, Neila, Rushawn, etc. and can point them all out in photos.

9. Bath time is a favorite again (he's been hot/cold -- pun intended) about bath time since about 8 months old. Currently he loves it and wants to take a bath every single night (instead of every other night). He loves playing with all his bath toys, especially the new bath paints that Zayde bought him. He still likes to stand up in the bath (we always have to remind him to sit down) and hates getting his hair washed (shocker, right?!?).

10. Adam probably has at least 5 play phones. Every time he picks one up (or the real phone) he says "HI BOBBE". Every single time. Bobbe's ears must be ringing all day long! :)

11. Adam loves his sleep (just like his mama & dada)! After a book or two, he'll look at me and say "sleep... in the crib... with doggies... in the corner" (he always sleeps in the corner against the bumpers). He also likes the room pitch black. He thinks the little light on the fire alarm is a star and always points to it and says "star". :) Sometimes I'll check on him at night and if he hears me (which is rare) he'll say "BYE BYE MAMA" and he's serious... he wants me OUT. He does NOT want to be interrupted! It's kinda funny, actually. He'll also say "I love you so much" REALLY fast when he goes to sleep. When he wakes up (after 10 - 11hours), the first thing he'll say (usually) is "Mama". When he hears me open the door, he'll start to gather up his doggies. The first thing he says to me when I open the door is "DOWNSTAIRS. DOWNSTAIRS" and then "Watch Barney on couch". Like I said, the kid knows what he wants!!! I do love watching Barney with him in the AM. He usually snuggles up against me and smells & feels so warm and cuddly.

Stay tuned for Part Two of this list later this week! :)

Hmm... what did Mama write about me this week?

I can't believe Mama wrote that... DELETE!!!


Mommy07 said...
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Wilson Castaways said...

Adam is absolutely adorable!!!! Sounds like you all are doing well. Love you girl,

E, SS and the Little Man said...

That's cute that he says "Bye Mama" when he wants you out of his room. :)

Teo is the same way in the bath, with wanting to stand up etc. I recently found those letters and numbers that stick to the side of the bathtub. He loves them!

Amanda said...

This is such a cute idea for a post (or 2!) LL is such a doll. He sounds so fun :)

And Baby Makes Three said...

I love this post!! What a great idea. I love the last ones of him on the computer...future blogger himself!?!?!?!?