Sunday, April 24, 2011

Passover in Birmingham

We spent Passover in Birmingham with Bobbe & Zaide this week. Adam, my Passover Baby (since he was born 3 days before Passover and had a "Passover Bris") did awesome this year. I was so proud of him! He very proudly sat next to Zaide during the Seder on both nights. He took it *very seriously* and really listened to the Passover story. Well, for the first 30 minutes at least... and then he colored peacefully. :) His favorite part was "hiding the Matzoh (afikomen) from Zaide and getting 5 dollars since he couldn't find it!" - so cute. I also loved it when he said "good job, Mommy" after I read a part of the Seder. He also said "Mommy, you look very pretty in that shirt" when he saw me all dressed up. He is a charmer!!! Here are some pics from the Seder... not too many since it's apparently a faux pas to take photos at the Seder. ;) The little girl next to him is Ellie Mac (or, as Adam spells it, L E MAC), Pam's sweet granddaughter who colored with him. There were 2 great Seders filled with delicious kugels and Matzah Ball Soup (which Adam enjoyed)! :)

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