Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Preschool happenings: Dance Recital & Holiday Pageant

Adam has been on stage twice this past week. Good thing he likes to perform! Last week, he performed with all dance class at school. Most of the kids were much older (4- 5.5) but he held his own, for most part, until the end. During the last song, he got silly (he fell down and pretended he couldn't get back up) and then ran to me. Oh well... he did well until the end, at least. Mom & Marty also came to watch which was a special treat.

Yesterday was Little Love's class's Holiday Pageant. He did much better during this performance. He is still the youngest kid there (it's a multi-age class, in true Montes.sori fashion) but they are his regular classmates and teachers so he was fine... and quite cute, I must say. Below are some photos; for some reason, the video clip won't attach correctly - I'll try to post that again tomorrow...

With Caleb & Delaney, 2 of his "best friends" With his other "bestie" (besides Jackson), Rushan With Ms. Nalika - she's a wonderful teacher!!! With Ms. Claudia - the lovely teacher assistant Adam & Mommy

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