Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Uncle Steven! Happy Birthday, Uncle Joey!

Dear Uncle Steven & Uncle Joey,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you both had a fabulously fun day! Uncle Steven, I can't wait for you to arrive on Wednesday -- I'm ready for a great tickle session & hopefully some tennis! Uncle Joey, I know you were just here one month ago -- but I'm already ready for another visit!!!

I've always loved you both... even though it's hard to tell when I was snoozing -- hey, I was only 1 week old -- give a guy a little credit:

However, we do have more fun together now:

Happy Birthday, Uncle Steven! Happy Birthday, Uncle Joey!

Love you both... so much! XOXOXOOXOXOOXO



Joe Muller said...

Thank you Adam for the nice birthday greeting!!

I can see that you have been using the Leap Frog letter tracer because your writing skills are superb.

Yes, we have had a lot of fun together nephew- get ready for more good times with your uncle(s) soon....

Uncle Joe(y)

Nita said...

He has so much fun with his Uncles - it's so nice to see pics with them from then to now. Thanks for sharing!

BTW - Tagged you in a post over on my blog. :)