Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wordless Wednesday -- "Get Down, Get Down"

I still have 2 more parts of our "CA Adventure" to post but thought I would take a break to show you what Adam's been up to in 2010. ;-)

For a few months now, Adam has gotten great at imitating dancing, hand gestures, etc. At our library class every Tuesday, he does a great job of following along to the songs/dances. The other night, I found an new program on Spr.out On Dem.and -- Play with Me, Ses.ame -- a new(?) Ses.ame Street show. There is A LOT of singing and dancing on it. Adam gets right up and starts to dance along with the characters. It's precious!

He also likes the "freeze dance" from Nick.elodeon (new favorite shows are Do.ra, Die.go -- how original, I know -- and Max & and knows how to FREEZE. I love to see him in motion!

FREEZE DANCE! ("frozen" here)

In other news, we bought Adam yet *another* kitchen from Cra.ig's List! The other 2 (that we bought over a year ago) have been stored in the garage for a while (I need to donate them or something). They really are for toddlers where the "new" (old) kitchen is more for "big kids"... it even has a grill! It was a good buy, too, at $35 (it is still selling for $140, I believe). Gotta love Cra.ig's List!

Oh, how I *adore* this little love!

Hope everyone is having a great week! More CA Adventures photos coming soon!


beth and melinda said...

hey--if you wanna donate a kitchen--melinda will take it :)

E, SS and the Little Man said...

Nice deal on the kitchen! I'll have to check out that new sesame street show. Teo also likes those other ones you mentioned. Oh, and Caillou. He is addicted to it. I bet Adam would like it too.